Monkeypox Resources

The providers at ARA are aware that in early August 2022 the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services declared the current monkeypox outbreak a public health emergency. Please refer to the CDC website and resources below for additional information on how the infection is spread, what symptoms and signs to look for, methods to get treated, and preventative tools to protect yourself and others.  If you suspect that you may have monkeypox please contact your local health department or go to your local urgent care center or emergency department. If you have been diagnosed with monkeypox and are on immunosuppressive medications, contact your prescribing physician to discuss how to manage your immunosuppressive medications during this time.

Monkeypox Resources from the Maryland Department of Health (MDH)

Fact Sheet: Social Gatherings, Safer Sex, and Monkeypox

Fact Sheet: The Facts About Human Monkeypox 

Fact Sheet: The Facts About Human Monkeypox [Spanish Language Version]

Frequently Asked Questions About Monkeypox 
Let’s Talk About Human Monkeypox: A Snapshot (3″x5″)

Let’s Talk About Human Monkeypox: A Snapshot (3″x5″) [Spanish Language Version]

Human Monkeypox Vaccine Pre-Registration Information

Monkeypox Resources from the Virginia Department of Health (VDH)

Monkeypox Resources from the District of Columbia Health Department








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