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 Arthritis and Rheumatism Associates, Physical Therapists, Anne Wellington-Goldsmith, MPTAnne Wellington-Goldsmith, MPT

Anne Wellington-Goldsmith received her B.A. degree in Health Science and Policy from the University of Maryland Baltimore County in 1992 and her Master of Physical Therapy from the University of Delaware in 1999. Following her Internship at Johns Hopkins Hospital, she accepted a position with them as a Staff Physical Therapist and had the opportunity to work with varied patient diagnoses including orthopedic, neurologic, oncology and pediatrics. Ms. Wellington-Goldsmith subsequently joined C.J.B. Therapy Centers of Baltimore where she became the first Physical Therapy Director of three outpatient clinics transitioning from chiropractic to physical therapy clinics. She successfully managed this process, staffed and directed these clinics as well as treated patients. From 2001 until Anne joined Arthritis and Rehabilitation Therapy Services (ARTS) in December, 2006, she worked for TLC Staff Builders Home Health Agency where she was the staff therapist for primarily geriatric patients with a range of diagnoses. At TLC, she was also given the distinct honor of being named a Care Team Manager – a position that no other physical therapist had ever held in this national company. This position required that she manage the care of patients in her home care territory by assessing needs and providing staff (nurses, home health aides, social workers, occupational and physical therapists, etc) for her clients. In addition, while at TLC Ms. Wellington-Goldsmith was the recipient of numerous citations, commendations and awards. 

Ms. Wellington-Goldsmith directs Arthritis & Rehabilitation Services calling upon a wide variety of physical therapy skills and interests. A return to safe, pain-free function during daily activity is the goal of most therapeutic sessions. The patient’s total well-being is Ms. Wellington-Goldsmith’s greatest concern and as a result she guides ARTS clinicians in providing excellent quality of care for each patient and becoming the best diagnosticians and manual therapists that each one can be! 

Anne was my therapist who was very knowledgable.  She took the time to explain my condition and to answer any questions that I had.  She explained it in a way that I could understand,  It has improved my life with being able to do things with less pain.  The treatment at this office is excellent.  The time and patience that was taken with each visit was the most valuable part of the experience.  It has a friendly environment!  Christine E. (Patient) 

I had leg pain from my back, which brought me to PT.  I also had weakness in my legs and balance issues. Anne has worked with me and now I have improved so much in all areas.  I can not praise her enough for all she has done for me.  I feel so much better.  What sets ARA apart from others is that there is much better help with better results.  And everyone is so nice that I enjoy coming here.         Barbara S. (Patient)

I came in with severe pain on the left side of my upper back.  After PT with Anne Wellington-Goldsmith while breathing thru pain, I made progress.  Kwesi watched me carefully and corrected my form.  It took patience and daily diligence, but today I’m pain free.  Thank you Anne and Kwesi.  Posture is my mantra. The therapists help me work thru the pain of the sessions because the pain is now gone.  The most valuable aspect of therapy was that they adjusted my treatment to make progress.  Jenean J. (Patient) 


Rockville Director 

Arthritis and Rheumatism Associates, Physical Therapists, Joshua P. Costa, DPTJoshua P. Costa, DPT

Joshua P. Costa received his B.A. at Stony Brook University, Long Island, NY in 2002 where he was a member of Phi Beta Kappa, Golden Key and Sigma Beta honor societies and a Magnum Cum Laude graduate. He earned his Doctorate of Physical Therapy at Stony Brook University School of Health Technology and Management. He received the community service award from the physical therapy department at Stony Brook University. Dr. Costa has over 5 years experience with Adaptive Aquatics. He has been the recipient of the excellence in teaching Adaptive Aquatics and the community service award from the aquatics program. His experience includes treating individuals with arthritis, fibromyalgia, myofascial pain, herniated discs, rotator cuff injuries, total joint replacements, carpal tunnel syndrome, neurological disorders, and geriatrics. He utilizes modalities, manual therapy, therapeutic exercises, home exercise programs and integrates them into an individualized plan of care. Dr. Costa is committed to providing excellence in care with a goal of relieving pain, maximizing function and improving patient safety and independence. 

I am a music teacher who besides working with teaching the piano, works with toddlers in a music program that requires a lot of moving around and kneeling on the floor to be at the kids level.  The walking on my knees caused stress on the knee joints and acute pain at times.  Through ARA’s PT program I have learned to do stretching exercises and using weights to do leg movement, which have helped increase my mobility and strengthen the muscles.  This is an awesome team of therapists!

Regina A.  (Patient)

After 10 sessions with Josh and Rebecca, I have greatly increased my mobility. They  are the best therapists I have ever worked with in my years of having psoriatic arthritis.  Everyone was kind and considerate while pushing me to my limits. 

Sam T. (Patient)


Chevy Chase Director 

pt-tara-2016Tara Cameron, PT, DPT

Tara Cameron earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a major in Marketing from the University of Central Florida. She then began an extensive and progressive career in residential and commercial construction management. After deciding to change careers to one in which she could work directly with individuals to improve their health, she returned to school and earned her Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia, in 2013.

During Dr. Cameron’s clinical internships with Old Dominion University, she worked in several outpatient clinics as well as in inpatient acute care and at an inpatient rehabilitation hospital. She truly enjoys working with patients one-on-one and specifically enjoys educating all of her patients about their diagnosis and ways to improve or manage their symptoms. Tara uses a comprehensive approach to physical therapy, incorporating therapeutic exercises, manual techniques and appropriate treatment modalities, along with extensive education, to achieve the best possible outcomes.

When not working as a physical therapy clinician, Tara enjoys marathon training and spending time with her dog and family.

Entire staff is very professional and very nice.  Tara is wonderful and caring.  She has the magic touch – pain is melting away!

I came to the clinic without any hope, as I have had experienced with other clinics.  But I am so happy I came to ARA with the kind and helpful staff.  Rebecca, Tara, and Angela I felt that I have more flexibility and movement. I have less pain and do some of the exercises at home too.  Helping to do exercises at home was very valuable. The staff was very organized, the center wasn’t crowded, and they care about the individual.   I appreciate all their help very much!!   Malihe M. (Patient)

I had chronic discomfort in my left buttock and bursitis in my hip and IT band.  My therapists Tara, Rebecca and Angela were all great!  They educated me and made me more aware and disciplined for home exercise treatment. The one-on-one expert treatment was the most valuable aspect of my care . I would definitely recommend them to family or friends because they are patient and knowledgable.  Everything was excellent!   Leander B. (Patient) 

Tara and Rebecca have been patient, helpful, and friendly.  The exercises have relieved some of my pain. What sets ARA from other places is the good atmosphere.

Maria C. (Patient)


Washington DC Director 

Arthritis and Rheumatism Associates, Physical Therapists, Matthew P. Reed, MPTMatthew P. Reed, MPT

Matthew P. Reed completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore, Princess Anne, MD in 1999. He studied in the Honors Program, earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology. He graduated with Summa Cum Laude honors. 

Mr. Reed earned a Master of Physical Therapy degree at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore in 2001. During his graduate studies, Mr. Reed partnered in research investigating the effects of resistance training on cardio respiratory function in patients participating in a cardiac rehabilitation program. The study, entitled The Effects of Unilateral and Bilateral Heavy Resistance Exercise on Cardiac Rehabilitation Participants, was distinguished by acceptance for presentation among peers at the national conference of the American College of Sports Medicine in 2001. 

Mr. Reed began practicing physical therapy in 2001 at an outpatient rehabilitation facility. There, he specialized in industrial rehabilitation, evaluation of functional capacity, ergonomic assessment, aquatic therapy, and manual treatment of musculoskeletal and neurologic conditions. He served as Clinic Manager of that facility from 2002 until joining Arthritis and Rehabilitation Therapy Services (ARTS) in the Wheaton, MD location in 2007. 

In August 2009, ARTS opened a new facility in the Washington, DC office location and Mr. Reed became its Director of Rehabilitation. Mr. Reed’s approach to patient care places emphasis on patient education and individualized treatment. He employs principles of various manual treatment philosophies in conjunction with therapeutic exercises customized to his patients’ needs in order to improve mechanics of the body and promote return to function.

My pain started when I was 8 years old (currently 21).  It got progressively worse. When Dr Peng first recommend PT, I was skeptical.  I finally had my first session with Matt and he put my anxiety at ease and reassured me that what I was feeling was very real.  This made me feel better and I never felt pushed into something.  The care I have received gave me tools to use in my daily life to decrease my pain and increase my mobility.  Thank you Matt!       Hannah L.  (Patient)

I couldn’t stand for any length of time and the pain in my left leg was so severe that I was no longer enjoying my 18 holes of golf.  As a last resort, Dr Borenstein recommended Matt.  After two months, twice a week of therapy, those symptoms had disappeared.  I can now stand more than 20 minutes.  I can shop for groceries. The thoroughness and expertise of Matt’s evaluation and rehabilitation therapy was the most valuable part of my experience at this center.  What sets this center apart from others is the encouragement given to help you stay on task with the therapy.  Thank you!   Jean S.  (Patient)




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