Ask Yourself One Question – Should I Be Concerned About Osteoporosis?

Does someone in your family have osteoporosis (thinning of the bones) or a history of hip fracture? 

Angus B. Worthing, MD, FACR, FACP

“According to the National Osteoporosis Foundation, one in two women and one in four men over age 50 will have an osteoporosis-related fracture in their life. Osteoporosis can develop when the natural microscopic remodeling process inside bones, which normally consists of constant extraction and replacement of calcium, is disrupted. It is crucial to perform a careful interview and physical exam, followed by a state-of-the-art screening test much like an x-ray (“DEXA” test), which Arthritis & Rheumatism Associates, P.C. (ARA) has on-site for your convenience. This will clarify if your bones are healthy, or if you have osteopenia (a milder form of bone thinning) or osteoporosis. Also, simple blood tests can make sure your calcium and vitamin D levels are healthy.”

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In recent years more and more studies are being conducted by top medical universities. In an effort to encourage more people to be well educated on the topic the University of Rochester Medical Center created a short quiz to test one’s knowledge on the condition. Click here to begin the- What Do You Know About Osteoporosis Quiz?

Do you have additional questions? Gather more informative information by reading Washington Arthritis article Do you have Osteoporosis? Curiosity is a wonderful part of the human mind. Feel free to contact us with any follow up concerns by calling our call center 301-942-7600.

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