iovera °–The Power of Cold Therapy

If you’re suffering from chronic knee pain from osteoarthritis iovera° may be a treatment for you. iovera° is a medical procedure performed by your clinician that utilizes the power of cold to instantly reduce pain. Using ultrasound guidance, your provider can localize and treat the nerves contributing to your knee pain.  This FDA-approved procedure is performed at most of our locations and takes approximately 30 minutes. Results can be felt immediately after treatment and may last up to six months. The iovera° treatment is localized and does not inject any drugs into the body. Results can be felt immediately after treatment. When the treatment is applied to a specific nerve, it will interrupt that nerve’s ability to send a pain signal, immediately reducing pain. Ask your provider if you are a good candidate for Iovera treatment.

The iovera° treatment can be used to treat chronic pain due to osteoarthritis of the knee.

A clinical study showed that most iovera° patients experienced pain relief that lasted up to 90 days. The results of this study show that iovera° patients had:


Patients continued to experience pain relief at 30, 60, and 90 days after treatment.


Patients treated experienced less stiffness 30 days after treatment.


Patients had improved physical function at 90 days.

The iovera° treatment can also be performed prior to knee surgery to help reduce pain after surgery. It provides immediate, long-lasting relief of post-surgical pain. The treatment uses the body’s natural response to cold to block the signaling portion of a nerve, temporarily reducing pain during the weeks following surgery. The results of a clinical trial show that iovera° patients had:


Patients who received iovera° treatment requested 45% fewer opioid prescriptions at 12 weeks after knee replacement surgery.


Two weeks after surgery, patients treated with iovera° experienced less pain.


More patients treated with iovera° were discharged within days of surgery.

If you’re suffering from knee pain, ask your rheumatologist if iovera° may be a treatment for you.

See the schedule for the current ARA clinicians who currently perform iovera°.

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