Telemedicine Virtual Visit Options

Updated May 25, 2022

Arthritis and Rheumatism Associates is pleased to offer patients the option to be seen by their provider (your doctor or physical therapist) from the comfort and safety of their own home during the coronavirus emergency. These virtual visits are conducted via a video link using Microsoft Teams. A provider has the right to require an in-person visit if and when it is felt necessary to further assess, diagnose or treat your condition.

Patients must be seen in person every 12 months. If your last in-person visit has been more than 12 months our practice will not be able to schedule a virtual appointment but will gladly schedule an in-person appointment.

Requirements for a Virtual Visit

As of 8/1/2021, the physician is now required to be licensed in the state where the patient is physically located during the time of the telehealth visit. Please CLICK HERE to read the Telehealth Policy. 

Virtual appointments must be conducted using a device that has both a microphone and a camera. This can be your smartphone, an iPad or tablet, a laptop computer, or a desktop computer. Most desktop computers don’t come with a camera and microphone so please check yours before scheduling your appointment.

We use Microsoft Teams for our virtual visits.  If you will be using a cellphone, iPad, or tablet you will need to download the Microsoft Teams application.  Once you download the app you DO NOT need to create an account.  No prior action is needed if you will be using a laptop or desktop computer for your visit. 

If you are new to the practice, we will need to get your medical records from your referring physician and others who may have important information about your medical history. Please CLICK HERE to complete a medical records release form.

How to Schedule a Virtual Visit

You can schedule a virtual visit by calling our office at 301-942-7600.

Getting Ready for Your Virtual Visit

A few days before your appointment, you will receive an email and/or text message from us to confirm your virtual visit, review your information, pay your copay or balance, if applicable, and sign any policies due.

On the day of your appointment about 20 mins prior, you will receive another email and/or text from us indicating it is time for your telehealth visit. You will click on the link to get added to the meeting with your provider.  If the provider is not there just hang tight, they might be running a bit late.

Microsoft Teams Virtual Visit Tips for Patients

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