Rheumatology Patient Testimonials

What are people saying about ARA?

Hear what our patients say in how we provide the care and the support in changing their lives and their attitudes toward their rheumatological and/or muscloskeletal condition or disease.

I can move more easily with less pain. I am very grateful for the good care I received and the attention and kindness of the therapists and all the staff of physical therapy.  Fred W. (Patient)  

The entire staff needs to be congratulated for their smooth service and hospitality. ~ Nassar H. (Patient) 

Meghan and Ana were excellent therapists.  I feel that I have learned a great deal and if I keep up my exercises routine, things will improve.  The most valuable aspect of my experience with ARA was the explanations and demonstrations.  What sets your therapy apart from others is your ability to make one understand what to do to improve.  ∼ Martha T.  (Patient) 

I have already recommended Dr. Dilorio to several friends.                                  ~ Miriam R. (Patient)

I have never encountered a doctor who listened so well and quickly picked up on my personality style and addressed me accordingly. Extremely impressed!  ~ Elizabeth C. (Patient) 

Dr. Rosenberg is very professional and has a nice manner. He is very thorough with questions and the exam. Everyone in the office has been friendly and smiles which makes it pleasant when you are not feeling well.   ~ Katrin S. (Patient)

The ARAPC Staff and Physicians were great with prompt and timely response with each visit. Overall, I was highly impressed with the care, communication and treatment I received.  ~ Samuel J. (Patient)

Dr Thomas was great! I expressed my concerns, she listened, processed my information and explained to me what she thought my issue was with pictures.  ~ Sharon G. (Patient)

Clean office,  friendly staff.  Physician spent a lot of time with me, didn’t wait long to be seen. ~ Hanada R. (Patient)

My husband brought me to your office. While it seemed crowded, things moved along smoothy and quickly. We were impressed by the efficiency.    ~ Karen M. (Patient)

Very pleased to be able to view high-res x-rays and get blood work done in-office.  ~ Randall H. (Patient)

I work in healthcare and I’ve never seen a medical practice run so smoothly. This means a lot when I am taking time from work to come to an appointment. Even more importantly, I appreciated the time, attention, and concern that Dr. Kaiser showed me.  ~ Abigail K. (Patient)

Dr. Thomas is absolutely WONDERFUL! She is very knowledgeable, explains things very well and listens so attentively. I’ve already recommended her to my friends and colleagues. Thank you!  ~ Akira O. (Patient)

During my initial consultation with Dr. Borenstein he talked with me for almost an hour. He listened to my medicinal history and asked great questions. He was out of the office when I called with a question and I left a message with the nurse for Dr. B to call me back. He tried to get in touch with me two times after work hours. I was very impressed with his attention to details. I highly recommend Dr. Borenstein!  ~ Jay T. (Patient)

Dr. Diamond has been my rheumatologist for three years, and she is by far the best specialist that I’ve seen. She is friendly yet attentive and makes sure that all my questions and concerns are addressed. I also appreciate the fact that I am immediately seen by the doctor soon after I sign in. This office is not like the VAST majority of clinics out there where they make you wait 30-60 minutes, but the actual time spent with doctor consultation is minuscule.   ~ Christine P. (Patient)

I see Dr. Respicio at both of their locations.

BEDSIDE MANNER – I’ve been to a few doctors before I came across Dr Respicio and when I did it was like a breath of fresh air. She really listened to me and was direct and respectful with her comments and suggestions. There was no talking down to me in a condescending matter, no talking around subjects. Just a respectful conversation leading up to best next steps for an effective treatment plan. OFFICE LOCATION Convenient location in a office building with a ok size lot. Depending on the time of day your appointment is you may find it difficult to get a parking spot. It’s a short enough walk from the Wheaton Metro so that’s an alternative as well.

PATIENT PORTAL – They have their own online network where (after you decide to enroll, which is totally optional) you can put in request for prescription refills, request copies of lab reports, request new appointments, and a few other things I’m forgetting. They usually respond to messages within 24 hours and everytime I’ve had a problem they were very prompt with getting back to me, sometimes even giving me a call back in lieu of another email message.

OTHER ITEMS – It is a very busy medical office so you will have to wait and sometimes (though not too often) they get behind and may be late with starting your appointment. Staff is ok, straight to the point and matter-of-fact but they’re also very efficient. I’ve never had any problems with insurance claims, address, invoices, charges here. They also have a physical therapy office on a different floor of the same building. That’s also where they hold seminars & workshops as well (they usually have posts about the events in the dr’s office or you can ask the front desk staff for more details).

BOTTOM LINE/CONCLUSION – A great office in a convenient location, but sometimes with a backlog so come with a bit of patience.  ~ Ebonne B. (Patient)

Dr. Baraf was recommend to me by another doctor since I’d moved back to the area from Austin. Spent a lot of time with me and listened to all my concerns and I felt he seemed genuinely concerned. He took a lot of notes in his Mac, I was impressed with his typing of all things, didn’t see him have to go back and correct once, unlike me writing this review. Has an nice portal system where you can stay in contact and send questions. He only works in the Wheaton office but I think its work the drive.    ~ Gerry B. (Patient)

have been suffering from fibromyalgia for a little over 6 years now. The road has not been easy. Before seeing Dr. Angus Worthing, I had no understanding of what the condition was or how I could prove my way of living. Being that fibromyalgia is something that a lot of people are unaware of and even deny its existence, I experienced great depression and felt hopeless. My doctors refused to see me. There were days that I physically could not move and nothing seemed physically wrong. I was tested for everything and then referred to ARA. When I started seeing Dr Worthing, his knowledge and sensitivity helped me greatly. He is knowledgeable and compassionate. It took us awhile to find what worked for me, and now I see him every 6 months for review. Having a doctor who understands your condition and the symptoms that may arise reassures you that you are part of a great team! My battle with fibromyalgia is not just mine, it belongs to my doctor and myself.  ~ Nicole J. (Patient)

Staff, Aids, Therapists was Excellent. I would definitely come back for PT in the future.     (Patient) 

I rank physical therapy as among the finest health services one can receive. ARA has been wonderful for my physical well being.      (Patient) 

I LOVE Dr. Diamond. I’ve had RA docs at Georgetown and Mass General and, hands down, she is my favorite. She truly listens to my concerns about treatment options and has been willing to make adjustments based on things I’ve wanted to try. I appreciate that she doesn’t shy from tough patient conversations like weight management and handles them in a kind, professional way rather than judgmental and condescending. I wish there were more doctors out there like Dr. Diamond.   (Patient)                

A pleased patient thus far – decided to have Dr. Rosenberg provide my care instead of the first Rheumatologist I saw at another practice. I feel he would provide high quality care. I especially liked the fact that he gave me a copy of medical instructions when I left the office along with copies of my x-rays. He seems knowledgeable and methodical. The staff was pleasant and efficient. Thank you.     (Patient) 

Dr. Baraf is sensational! This was my first visit but we really hit it off. He spent plenty of time with me, understood all my issues and concerns, made treatment proposals that sound fine to me, put me on an excellent NSAID, and left me feeling very optimistic. I’m really glad to have made this connection.     (Patient)

I have recommended 4 friends to see Dr Ashley Beall. We all are extremely satisfied, grateful even for her thoughtful highly professional care. I recommend her without qualification to all my friends and associates. She is a real asset to your practice.       (Patient)

Dr. Matsumoto was wonderful! I already referred my mother-in-law to him!      (Patient)

The quality of service and knowledge provided by my physician, Dr Diamond was extremely valuable, the best when I compare it to service received by friends. Her staff were always attentive and well informed.     (Patient)

I thought the treating physician, Dr. Peng was very thorough. Dr. Peng was very professional, knowledgeable and he answered all of my questions, He did a very good job to ensure that I received the necessary medical tests identify my condition, His assistant Sabrina was excellent, friendly and knowledgeable. I plan to refer Dr. Peng to two of my family members.     (Patient)

Excellent care, with kindness and concern, by the physician. I am very grateful for Dr Borenstein.    (Patient)

Dr. Worthing is a wonderful doctor. Very clear and takes the time necessary.     (Patient) 

This practice is excellent. Everything regarding it is outstanding. I see Dr. Duque and she is the best. Not only is she knowledgeable about arthritis but has one of the best patient/doctor relationships I have ever witnessed. She is very compassionate and makes you feel confident in her abilities.     (Patient)

Dr. Wolfe is compassionate, professional, efficient and smart. I trust him completely.      (Patient)

I came for a second opinion, and liked Dr. Kaiser so much I decided to become her patient.       (Patient)

I was tense and nervous and in a lot of pain, and I had never seen a rheumatologist before. I was so impressed with how kind and courteous everyone was, as well as with my doctor. Dr. Peng was attentive, answered all of my many questions, and provided lots of information. Besides addressing my concerns with my lower back, he was also able to determine that I had a thyroid problem and gave me a referral to an outstanding endocrinologist who’s helped me with this challenge. I’m so very grateful for that.   (Patient)

Dr. Beall is the only doctor I see (and I see quite a few others) that I have 100% trust in. Simply put she is the best in the business.    (Patient)

Dr. David Wolfe is one of the best physicians I have ever met. When doing a diagnosis he covers all angles and keeps an open mind to other possibilities. He diagnosed my lyme disease very promptly and saved me from suffering serious consequences. Dr. Wolfe treats me with kindness and respect. He takes time to answer all my questions and encourages me to take care of myself. I can not say enough about this doctor. I have my health back thanks to Dr Wolfe.      (Patient)

I’m very happy with the practice and glad I found Dr. DiIorio. I’m feeling much better than I did before I came there.      (Patient)

I was very impressed with the time taken to examine me and get a complete history, as well as the support staff. Very professional! Dr. Siegel was excellent and made me feel very comfortable.     (Patient)

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