Onsite Laboratory & Radiology

State and Federally licensed laboratory and X-ray facilities are available at all seven of our locations. This allows for efficient and convenient evaluation of medical problems and ensures that your physician can review the results in a timely fashion. 

Laboratory Services 

Drawing Blood

Lab technologists perform routine and specialty testing as ordered by your clinician, Monday through Thursday, during regular business hours. Routine tests are run on a daily basis with results available to your physician within 24 hours depending on the test. The results of the tests are automatically transferred to your electronic medical record chart and sent to your provider for review. Your physician is alerted immediately by the lab if there is a medical problem that needs urgent attention. If your insurance requires it, we will send laboratory testing to a designated commercial laboratory.

View some common laboratory tests ordered by our physicians

Dr. Worthing, Arthritis and Rheumatism Associates, Microscopic Testing, Gout Fluid Testing

Often aspiration of synovial fluid is performed by the physician as part of their exam. By screening the fluid onsite they are able to get an immediate confirmation as to whether there are urate crystals present to provide the diagnosis of gout. This procedure can be done at each of our facilities with the use of an onsite microscope.


X-Ray Services

Arthritis and Rheumatism Associates, X-ray Feet, Dr Kaiser, Xray Hands

Each of our locations is equipped with a state-of-the-art digital x-ray unit. On-site X-ray allows your physician to personally evaluate your X-rays and review them with you during your visit. Diagnosis and treatment decisions can thus be made in a timely fashion. Digital technology displays the X-ray images on a large computer screen. Exposure and size of the image can be manipulated to highlight areas of interest often preventing repeat studies and exposure to more radiation. X-ray images are stored on secure servers and can be accessed at any of our seven sites. Previously stored X-rays are readily available for comparison. 

If needed, your X-rays can be burned on a DVD disc so the X-rays can be taken to other physicians for review.

Digital X-ray studies done at other facilities can often be stored on our system as well.

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