Sleep Hygiene Strategies

Matthew Reed, PT, MPT, CMTPT The health benefits of quality sleep, and risks associated with sleep deprivation, are wide-ranging and well-understood, and we cherish that feeling of rejuvenation after a night of productive sleep. Yet, for many, a good night’s sleep is hard to come by, and we often rise in the morning feeling unrested […]

FM – Turn Down the Volume

Rebecca Wagner, PT Fibromyalgia (FM) is defined as widespread musculoskeletal pain that can include achiness, tenderness, and stiffness. It often is accompanied by fatigue and psychological changes, such as depression. Current theory states this condition is caused by central sensitization; that is, increased sensitivity in the brain to pain signals. This sensitization includes a change […]

Why can’t I perform my friend’s physical therapy back exercises?

Joshua Costa, PT, DPT Exercises are a key component in rehabilitation that allows the body to improve range of motion, strength, balance, mobility, endurance, coordination and posture. Exercises can vary in intensity and repetition, and can be performed in various positions, all for specific goals. Certain exercises promote flexion (bending) of the spine, such as […]

Back to Health

By: David Borenstein, MD, MACR, MACP Low back pain is a complaint associated with 60 different illnesses. No single therapy works for all of these problems. The most common problems that people have are mechanical in origin. Mechanical disorders are associated with overuse of a structure like muscles, or changes associated with growing older. Many […]

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