Physical Therapy Patient Testimonials

We hope that these testimonials from individuals who have received treatment with our therapists provide you inspiration and encouragement.

I came to ARA with left hip pain.  After physical therapy I am without pain and delighted at the speed and completeness of my recovery.   Matt Montag, Nicole, and Riell were very efficient and friendly.  I would strongly recommend this center.   

Geoffrey S.  (Patient)

I was referred for PT because I suffer from chronic migraines as a result of occipital neuralgia, pain due to inflammation of lupus.  I was suffering from a  really bad reaction to medication that caused weeks of migraines.  Chiropractic treatment didn’t work and I learned about this office that did dry needling therapy as part of the PT regimen.  I have had dry needling before and responded well.  I must say though that Josh’s attention to detail, to my reaction to trigger points and how my body responded surpassed all treatment I receive prior to this experience.  All of the staff were excellent, kind and courteous in their treatment of me.  They all worked together to make sure I exercised and performed each exercise properly.  I highly recommend this practice.   Sheila J. (Patient)

Because of joint hypermobility disease, I have lots of joint problems.  This time it was a rotator cuff in the right shoulder.  Josh and his staff supported me with therapy, exercises and great encouragement.  The therapy and gradually stronger exercises loosened up the muscles and connective tissue.  Some offices are so big you feel like you are in a factory, and therapists work all alone and not as part of a team like at this rehab. It was very valuable to have the whole team.   Nancy H.  (Patient)

I have been to other PT’s and by far I can say that your team is superior.  They have allowed me to endure the pain.  They worked as a team to make sure you are doing the exercises correctly with correct positions. If your team was busy then Rebecca or Josh would come to help.  Tara has hands of GOLD.  The staff are one of kind caring people and really want to help.  Thank You!  Jamie M. (Patient)

Josh and Rebecca are both outstanding practitioners.  Their knowledge of techniques designed to alleviate/correct physical discomfort and place patients back in their normal life style is outstanding.  The individualized program went to the source of pain/injury and accelerated the healing process.  Life is close to normal now!  James K. (Patient)

Tara, Rebecca, Josh and everyone have been great! My therapy has changed my life so I can now walk almost pain free with confidence.  They gave clear explanations for the purpose of each procedure.  Michael B.  (Patient)

Joshua, my physical therapist has been very professional, attentive, knowledgeable and friendly.  He has been the best. What was most valuable was that he was teaching me my exercises with patience and explaining all.  Being professional, punctual, and organized is what sets them apart from others.  Lihane L.  (Patient) 

I began therapy not being able to drive due to pain in my neck, shoulder, elbows, hips and knees.  I can now drive, exercise, walk on my treadmill and turn my head without the agony I felt before going to ARA.  I was blessed to have everyone work as a team.  The best TEAM ever!!  They were professional and everyone was caring and genuinely concerned with my health and comfort.  Amazing – Thank You.  Evelyn H.  (Patient) 

I would like to recognize all of the staff member who provided me with exceptional care during my visits.  The therapist made me feel more independent.   Keep up the good work!  Vinette W.  (Patient)

All the staff were very encouraging and knowledgable.  I have less pain and can move much better.   Bonnie A. (Patient)

During my therapy in this facility, it has been a very good experience.  The staff has been knowledgable and professional.  I would recommend this facility to everyone who has a need for PT.  My life has changed with the improvement to be able to do daily tasks now.   Diane G. (Patient)

I had a severe flair up of my right shoulder pain, which made it almost impossible to do ADL’s.  After Dr Beall recommended PT and gave me a cortisone shot, I began to improve.  I am very grateful to my therapist and all the staff for their patience, expertise and care – both the medical and administration side of the service. I can function much better now, but there are limits as to what even excellent PT can accomplish, so I am going to get a shoulder replacement.  Carol H. (Patient)

I am 84 years old with a sudden attack of arthritis of my right hip.  With inability to walk without pain.  My daily activity was suddenly reduced to 30%- no more shopping, no going to the store.  My rheumatologist referred me and started therapy three times per week.  After three weeks the pain impairment was reduced from 67% to 7%.  I am now able to resume all my activities with No Pain!    Thank you to my therapist.  Nhu-Tuyer  N.  (Patient) 

After rod replacement and new hip, I came for PT twice a week.  Theresa listened and adjusted therapy as we went along.  I had increased flexibility and endurance with building strength.  She kept in contact with my surgeon with my progress.  One size does not fit all – they met my needs.  They adjusted therapy as I progressed.  SJ R.  (Patient) 

Everyone was caring in every given situation of assistance.  My therapist, Anne is a skilled and insightful lady who handled my condition with expertise and compassion. My sessions were never rushed.   I have leaned to use confidence tempered with caution to deal with my everyday activities.  My life has changed with alleviating the pain and knowing about how to care for my condition.  One of the most valuable aspects of my care was learning how to listen to body signals.  Tertian K.  (Patient) 


Anne and Kwesi are very professional and extremely knowledgable.  I have enjoyed my time here.  I can do much more than I could before I had therapy and I would highly recommend you to a friend or family.  Susan T. (Patient)

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