Spring Tips For Autoimmune Diseases

Spring can be a time of great joy and exciting events. But, they also can be times of stress, anxiety and physical demands. All of this actually can contribute to triggers for an autoimmune disease flare.

TIP: Many autoimmune diseases are affected by foods we eat and stress we encounter. Bring your own treats to parties, cookouts, and events that may not include foods for your sensitivities. Having some enjoyable foods that are low in sugar will help you avoid these triggers.

TIP: Embrace a stress diffuser, such as taking an Epsom salt bath with calming essential oils a few times a week. These essential oils have a calming effect that may help you feel less stressed: 

TIP: Incorporate a “thankful” mentality that can be used during your response to stressful situations or people. In Dr. Deborah Anderson’s article, 5 Scientific Ways Gratitude Influences Your Autoimmune Disease, she states that the science shows that practicing gratitude: 

TIP: Here are some suggestions for lupus-friendly foods:

Lupus Friendly Foods


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